COMFORTABLE WORLD is a unique company in its genre. It specializes in sublimation impression. We also offer an incomparable service and all products 100 % from Quebec.

Our web site is distributed in 3 tabs:

COMFORTABLE: This tab is for the house brand created in 2012 ; COMFORTABLE CLOTHING . Since then we developed our own products and mastered the sublimation impression, with diverse design influenced by the current events, personalities, inspiration of the moment and the news that made history.

PERSONALIZED: Seeing a very high demand at the level of the customization and personalization in the last few years. We developed a section so that you can have fun. Click on clothes of your choice and personalized to your taste, add an image, photos or a logo as well as of the text and apply the desired choice of color. Make it your own!

 MARKETPLACE: Offers you the opportunity to develop your shop today without going out of money. No need to manage an inventory simply put your creativity into action! All you have to do is create a user account which will allow you to build your shop and have access to a dashboard to be able to manage your sales and add products. We offer you the opportunity to make a run test, create a product of your choice among our types of clothes and obtain 25 % of commission every time your product is sold.

Afterward, if you wish to enlarge your shop and to add more products we offer you:

Our subscription:

1- Premium subscription - Access to all products on sale (labeled comfortable) - 25% Commission given to each product sold - Publications of products on our social networks.

2- Premium Plus Subscription - Access to all products on sale - 30% Commission given on each product sold - Publications of products on our social networks - Blog article on your shop -Video presenting your products -Photoshoot with our models For those wanting to work with us to develop their products Please get in touch with us. We are opened to suggestions Here are our coordinates:

Tel: 514-686-3433

Email :